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"I empower  male entrepreneurs and founders to amplify their presence using Human Design to build resilient leadership and sustain high-ticket clients."

Male entrepreneurs and founders

Are you a Male Entrepreneur or Founder whose business has expanded and is looking to enhance your leadership resilience to sustain your high-ticket clients for continual business growth and success?


  1. Recruiting and hiring the right people

  2. Building and maintaining relations with employees and stakeholders

  3. Stepping aside to delegate management

KevinADavidson Amplifying Presence


Does your leadership style align with this?

I know from experience the importance of employee and stakeholder relationships with client leadership to sustain your premium, high-ticket clients. Until now, you have relied on yourself to build connections, find resources, attract clients and get on with anything that needs doing! 

Now your business has expanded. You want to attract more clients to accelerate growth and sustain your high-ticket clients for stability.

You cannot do this alone. You will need to bring in people into your business to deliver this. This will test your leadership skills and require resilience to succeed.

Your relationships with your employees suppliers and investors are as critical as those with your high-ticket clients to deliver and sustain growth and success. 

Have you ever considered that you're designed to operate in a specific way to lead and reach optimum functioning and performance?

  • How do you handle pressure?

  • How do you draw inspiration?

  • How does your Ego impact your decision-making?

  • How do external influences impact your balance?

Combining Human Design with my coaching methodologies, mentoring and personal experiences will empower you to amplify your presence and build resilient leadership to overcome self-doubt, develop a strong leadership brand, and lead with clarity, assuredness and conviction.

This potent combination will provide structure, process and philosophy to TURBOCHARGE your effectiveness!


I will provide you with the tools to safely navigate your way to better understand how you operate, how others operate, and how your environment impacts you to transition this into continual growth and success.

I am ready to Amplify My Presence

Start with the Human Design Leadership Book

A 90-page personalised book revealing your unique Human Design Blueprint and Leadership style. Understand how you handle pressure, think, draw inspiration and communicate with the comprehensive coverage. It's your roadmap to uncovering your thinking, triggers, behaviour, and decision-making processes which impact and shape your life. You can apply these immediately and effectively to build resilience in your leadership to sustain your high-ticket clients by amplifying your presence using Human Design!

KevinADavidson Human Design Leadership Book

“I felt pressured, tied down, worried about my family's security, and needed to re-evaluate my life. After working with Kevin I'm now in a place of euphoria, a lot calmer, confident, positive, and understand that the things I really love doing are the most important to me.”

- Navin K

“Kevin helped me see my blind spots and showed me tools that I was able to work with to hit some targets that previously I had thought were unattainable.”

- Arvy P

“I was full of self-doubt and ambivalence within myself when I first started working with Kevin. Now my direction in life has shifted and my attitude to individual performance, productivity, and confidence is now front and centre.”

- Joel S

"Together we can build resilient leadership to sustain your high-ticket clients!"

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