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Meet Kevin

Human Design Leadership Coach

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Hi, I'm Kevin A. Davidson, Entrepreneur, Founder and Human Design Leadership Coach.

I empower male entrepreneurs and founders to build leadership resilience by amplifying their presence using Human Design.

Having managed senior executive clients through working in National Accounts for over 25 years, delivering high-ticket sales and managing eight-figure revenue portfolios, representing 20% of turnover, I know how it feels to live life for the approval of others.

I realised my leadership style was approval-seeking based, founded as a product of having to adapt, survive, and thrive particularly as a person of colour in frequently hostile and culturally biased environments. 

I needed to be more resilient in my leadership, however approval was my safety blanket. It provided protection and reassurance but at a cost of constantly teetering on being fired when the approval tap ran dry.

Deep down I knew I was operating inauthentically, constantly on guard, and hiding the real me. I felt angry, hurt, frightened, envious, and jealous.

On many occasions, I tried to disguise this with an "old-school", autocratic leadership style but, old habits with the false promise of safety and security die hard...

A patronising lecture from a Senior Executive on "cultural correctness" following a meeting where I was accused of being "disruptive" after taking offence to remarks made about me and a colleague that spurred me to change.

I realised then I had to show courage, and be prepared to allow myself to look stupid and get things wrong to become more vulnerable to change. 

It took many years and considerable investment into self-development courses and books for me to find my true power, reveal my authentic self, and lead and live aligned with my core values.

I did not want other men who had struggled with similar experiences of either adopting a traditional "hard-nosed" leadership style or seeking approval to survive "Draconian Dictators" taking the same elongated route as I had whilst quashing their identity and authenticity. So I qualified as an Executive Coach and set up my coaching practice 9 years ago.

Becoming an Entrepreneur and Founder tested my leadership with new challenges that unbalanced my effectiveness. So, my business growth stalled mostly due to imposter syndrome.

I discovered Human Design and assimilated it into my life which created a significant transformation. I was impressed by its simplicity, conciseness and effectiveness in creating real change and enabling faster results with longevity. 

Reflecting back now, Human Design was a game changer because it quickened the process of my being more vulnerable due to revealing how I operated. 


Human Design revealed my leadership style that aligned with my Human Design blueprint. From this major breakthrough, I was able to be a more resilient leader by amplifying my presence.  

I have made it my mission to share the transformation impact that Human Design can create by combining my coaching with training courses, and building a community of male entrepreneurs and founders to experience the same amazing and lasting results!

Amplifying your presence maximises your resilience as a leader and Human Design provides the structure and scope to fast-track this process!

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