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6 Month Private Human Design Leadership Mentoring Programme

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Amplify your presence by journeying through the 6 Pillars of Resilient Leadership to feel alive, maximise your time with people and deliver with conviction and assuredness.

In a world where people are crucial for innovation and growth, entrepreneurs and founders face unique leadership challenges that are not always recognised.

These obstacles need to be navigated to enable growth and success to continue.

I adopt a tailored approach so you'll gain invaluable insights from my own experiences of walking a similar path and learning from my successes and failures.

"Human Design is a game-changer for finding your leadership style!"

I use cutting-edge strategies from Human Design combined with coaching and mentorship to help you amplify your presence and overcome the challenges you face in leading the transition of your business through its next growth phase.

Human Design will give you your blueprint of your human operating system. It is a "game-changer" providing a level playing field in unlocking your authenticity to release your true leadership style and build resilience regardless of race, culture or spiritual beliefs!

Now isn't knowledge of that alone worth having in your toolkit?! 






"I got it all wrong before..."

Reflecting on my professional relationships I can see a clear pattern where I flitted between being too nice and too aloof. My leadership mirrored this too. Deep down I was hiding my self-doubt and insecurity. I either sought reassurance or pushed people away to avoid these being detected.

I eventually unlocked my authentic self being more vulnerable but, I would have got there much quicker and built the resilience to stay there if I had understood my Human Design Blueprint. 


My 6-month private Human Design mentoring programme will fast-track this process, unlock your leadership style and maintain it to maximise your time with the people who will be key to your business growth!    

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Your leadership style was designed at your birth waiting for you to unlock and use

Are you ready to synthesize Human Design into leadership style to build resilience for the next phase of upscaling your business?

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