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How Human Design Changed My Life


Knowing the composition of my Human Design has enabled me to understand how it impacts my thinking and behaviour. In the past, I would feel lost at times, unable to decide what was the best option ahead particularly when starting something new. This would lead to an inability to focus, procrastination, and a build-up of projects and activities that remained at the planning stage. Human Design has helped me better understand my thinking processes to allow them to be applied and aligned with my system's strategy and authority. As a result, I take on less, seek counsel when needed, and complete tasks on time. Less Indecision. More Trust.


Human Design has enabled me to understand the triggers that take me off my system's strategy which could result in conflict with others. Likewise, having a better understanding of others' operating systems has provided a scope of their triggers to be avoided to prevent conflict.  This has not meant giving in to them, but conversely creating boundaries for both myself and them to be acknowledged to maintain compatibility. I argue less, find more workable solutions, and avoid or remove myself from unproductive events.

Less Stress. More Clarity.


Having fewer conflicts has created the space for me to foster stronger and closer relationships. Mutual understanding has enabled me and the other parties to listen better and build sounder rapport. I have found I can engage with integrity and feel more comfortable in being open. Overall, my relationships are more authentic and I can navigate difficult people by knowing my Human Design. I have removed "drain people" from my life,  and instead have those with mutual respect, admiration, and support.

Less Obligation. More Engagement.


I no longer beat myself about how I think and behave due to understanding how these relate to my human design profile. This has allowed me to wholly accept myself and break free from the expectations that previously ladened me down and choked my spirituality. I no longer worried about what others thought and felt about me. I realised my responsibility was to amplify my Human Design - the rest would take care of itself.

Less Anxiety. More Autonomy.


Having a complete understanding of my human operating system has given me peace of mind in my strengths, abilities and development areas. Encompassing improved decision-making, less conflict, improved relationships and self-acceptance has given me an aura of satisfaction that radiates assurance to others. I regard assurance as the highest attribute in leadership as it develops magnetism for customers, investors, followers and peers. I can present with fluency and conviction because I trust my Human Design to fulfil my purpose. Less Doubt. More Optimism. 

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What Human Design can do for you

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Please ensure you have an accurate time of your birth to generate a correct chart. If your parents are unable to confirm this you can contact the hospital where you were born.

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