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Human Design

What is Human Design

A "user manual” and level playing field for your life irrespective of race, culture or spiritual beliefs! Proven as a valuable tool for human understanding, the system was derived from the I Ching (Yin and Yan) Chinese philosophy, the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, all over 3 thousand years old, and quantum physics (Astrology).

Origins of Human Design

Ra Uru Hu founded and discovered the Human Design System in 1987 unclocking the code of our genetics using the oldest of the Chinese classic texts, the I’Ching, used for over three thousand years. Ra dedicated the next 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the System around the world used today.

Human Design System Summary

  • Five Types

  • Nine Centres (Defined or Undefined)

  • Twelve Profiles

  • Strategies and Authorities for the Five Types to operate their respective Human Design systems effectively

  • System Connectivity consisting of 64 Channels and 36 Gates


  • Leadership

  • Performance

  • Relationship Building

  • Customer Attraction

  • Credibility

  • Purpose

  • Success 

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How has Human Design changed my life?

Better Decision Making

Knowing the composition of my Human Design has enabled me to understand how it impacts my thinking and behaviour. In the past, I would feel lost at times, unable to decide what was the best option ahead particularly when starting something new. This would lead to an inability to focus, procrastination, and a build-up of projects and activities that remained at the planning stage. Human Design has helped me better understand my thinking processes to allow them to be applied and aligned with my system's strategy and authority. As a result, I take on less, seek counsel when needed, and complete tasks on time. Less Indecision. More Trust.

Less Conflicts

Human Design has enabled me to understand the triggers that take me off my system's strategy which could result in conflict with others. Likewise, having a better understanding of others' operating systems has provided a scope of their triggers to be avoided to prevent conflict.  This has not meant giving in to them, but conversely creating boundaries for both myself and them to be acknowledged to maintain compatibility. I argue less, find more workable solutions, and avoid or remove myself from unproductive events.

Less Stress. More Clarity.

Improved Relationships

Having fewer conflicts has created the space for me to foster stronger and closer relationships. Mutual understanding has enabled me and the other parties to listen better and build sounder rapport. I have found I can engage with integrity and feel more comfortable in being open. Overall, my relationships are more authentic and I can navigate difficult people by knowing my Human Design. I have removed "drain people" from my life,  and instead have those with mutual respect, admiration, and support.

Less Obligation. More Engagement.


I no longer beat myself about how I think and behave due to understanding how these relate to my human design profile. This has allowed me to wholly accept myself and break free from the expectations that previously ladened me down and choked my spirituality. I no longer worried about what others thought and felt about me. I realised my responsibility was to amplify my Human Design - the rest would take care of itself.

Less Anxiety. More Autonomy.


Having a complete understanding of my human operating system has given me peace of mind in my strengths, abilities and development areas. Encompassing improved decision-making, less conflict, improved relationships and self-acceptance has given me an aura of satisfaction that radiates assurance to others. I regard assurance as the highest attribute in leadership as it develops magnetism for customers, investors, followers and peers. I can present with fluency and conviction because I trust my Human Design to fulfil my purpose. Less Doubt. More Optimism. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Human Design

1. Does Human Design very between genders?

No. Human Design does not differentiate between genders. It recognises human beings as one species. The same Human Design Chart format is used for everyone, consistently applied, and works for all genders.

2. Is there a perfect system fo Human Design?

No. Human Design defines a blueprint of how you best operate, and relate to others and your environment to achieve your life's purpose and desires. Your personal beliefs will only change by your perception and experiences whilst pursuing this journey rather than direct narration from Human Design principles.

3. Is one of the Human Design Energy Types more superior to the others?

No. Each Human Design Energy Type has advantages and disadvantages in how they can best be suited to utilise their energy. This differs between each type however, none is more superior to any of the others.

4. Can my Human Design be changed or modified? 

No. Your Human Design never changes from your time of birth. It provides a lifelong guide for you to discover and follow your true life purpose that cannot be modified.

5. Is there a perfect system fo Human Design?

No. You are perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect! No one Human Design configuration is deemed as being perfect. There are advantages and disadvantages to everyone's Human Design Chart. As a "herding" species we are meant to collaborate and Human Design enables this.

6. Could I evolve into another Human Design Energy Type?

No. Your Human Design Energy Type will never change throughout your life irrespective of your thinking, behaviour and experiences. Hence, your quest is to amplify your Energy Type attributes to fulfil your life's purpose.

What can Human Design do for you?



You'll get a reality check! Knowing your Human Design gives you a sounder base to operate from for finding your purpose, and seeking success. You can move away from the often helpless and energy-sapping, position of yearning aka "how things should be or you wish them to be" to plain and simple "they are how they are". This eradicates guilt and disappointment and re-energises you to move forward freely without hindrance.



You'll have a clear understanding of the basic attributes of your Human Design. This will make it relatively simple for you to understand, be aware of, and operate from them straight away. This makes Human Design different from other processes as its simplicity enables it to be easily assimilated into your everyday activities so experience, learning and growth become a natural part of your life.



You'll get great visibility into where you fit in the world with others and the environment.  It will enable you can say out loud the following magic words - "So what?" when someone upsets you or something does not go as planned. Your Human Design is not going to change so it's fruitless spending valuable time trying to modify it to fit in. Instead, amplify it so others and the environment align with it. Remember it's an imperfect world!  



You'll be the centre of interest and naturally draw others to you. Why? Because when operating from your authentic self you exude integrity, openness and assuredness. These charismatic qualities create a safe and vibrant platform that effortlessly attracts others. That will strengthen relationships with acquaintances,  customers, investors, followers and peers increasing your credibility and appeal.

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Click here to Download Your Free Human Design Chart and Report

Please ensure you have an accurate time of your birth to generate a correct chart. If your parents are unable to confirm this you can contact the hospital where you were born.

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