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Frequently Asked Questions about Human Design

1. Does Human Design vary between genders?

No. Human Design does not differentiate between genders. It recognises human beings as one species. The same Human Design Chart format is used for everyone, consistently applied, and works for all genders.

2. Is there a perfect system fo Human Design?

No. Human Design defines a blueprint of how you best operate, and relate to others and your environment to achieve your life's purpose and desires. Your personal beliefs will only change by your perception and experiences whilst pursuing this journey rather than direct narration from Human Design principles.

3. Is one of the Human Design Energy Types more superior to the others?

No. Each Human Design Energy Type has advantages and disadvantages in how they can best be suited to utilise their energy. This differs between each type however, none is more superior to any of the others.

4. Can my Human Design be changed or modified? 

No. Your Human Design never changes from your time of birth. It provides a lifelong guide for you to discover and follow your true life purpose that cannot be modified.

5. Is there a perfect system fo Human Design?

No. You are perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect! No one Human Design configuration is deemed as being perfect. There are advantages and disadvantages to everyone's Human Design Chart. As a "herding" species we are meant to collaborate and Human Design enables this.

6. Could I evolve into another Human Design Energy Type?

No. Your Human Design Energy Type will never change throughout your life irrespective of your thinking, behaviour and experiences. Hence, your quest is to amplify your Energy Type attributes to fulfil your life's purpose.

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Click here to Download Your Free Human Design Chart and Report

Please ensure you have an accurate time of your birth to generate a correct chart. If your parents are unable to confirm this you can contact the hospital where you were born.

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